Not Magic, Science.

The key to The Great Gutter Cover’s amazing ability to handle water and repel leaves and debris is found in the science of its patented gutter cover design.


Water clings to the surface on which it travels. This ‘surface tension’ causes the water to cling to The Great Gutter Cover’s rounded ‘nose’. The water literally follows the curve of the nose and is deposited in the slots at the bottom of the system. (The Great Gutter Cover retailer will be glad to demonstrate this on a section of  The Great Gutter Cover using water from the faucet in your sink. You almost have to see it to believe it. Every drop goes where it belongs. Not one drop goes astray.)

Leaves and debris, on the other hand, won’t follow the curve. They’ll remain on The Great Gutter Cover’s flat surface and blow harmlessly to the ground once they dry out.

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